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Sprinkles’ Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake

A couple of weeks ago I got my hair cut at a salon I had never been to before in the Stanford Shopping Center.  This was a big first for me – prior to this I always got my hair … Continue reading

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23andMe and food!

Have you heard of 23andMe?  It is a personal genomics company that will determine your DNA sequence at certain positions (specifically, the positions that are known to vary between different humans.)  They then use this data, along with established genetics … Continue reading

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Cafe Gratitude Desserts

No recipes today, just wanted to post about some wonderful cookies that my mom picked up for me last night from Cafe Gratitude!  Cafe Gratitude is a chain of restaurants that specialize in organic vegan dishes, both raw and cooked. … Continue reading

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Dessert for breakfast to lose weight?

I don’t have a recipe today, but just wanted to share an article that I read in the New York Times yesterday.  It summarizes a study that claims that eating dessert with breakfast may help dieters keep off weight – … Continue reading

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